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Mattress care with the leading Mattress Shop in Sheffield

When you are looking at purchasing a mattress there are lots of different options each with individual needs when you are looking at caring for them. Just Beds Online supplies pocket sprung, coil sprung and space-age foam varieties.

There is a kind of perception any time you purchase a mattress nothing is you need to do to help keep its posterity and support. However this is far from the truth, desire care for your mattress properly you may find that the mattress actually starts to lose shape and comfort.

When you purchase your mattress from Just Beds Online

You must leave your mattress to air provided that possible however 4 hours should suffice. Doing this not simply removes any odour in the manufacturing and storage processes but also allows the internal filling to settle. Should this be inconvenient you may use the mattress however, you can expect that this mattress feel can change over a few days.

Adding a mattress protector can keep your mattress In optimum condition and increase the life span of the mattress. This protects your mattress from dust, spillages and dirt whilst making sure that hygiene is kept with a optimum level as you can wash the protector on a regular basis.

Mattress toppers boost the comfort and support of the mattress minimizing the wear about the mattress itself. You can create a softer or firmer feel without changing the degree of support written by your existing mattress. Vacuuming your mattress monthly is also essential.

Pocket Sprung Mattress care

Pocket sprung mattresses have to be turned often to avoid compression and dips a result of your bodyweight when in use. They should be turned as a minimum monthly and should be turned from bottom to top and rotated from head to feet. This could keep your mattress in optimum condition, comfort and increase longevity. To check if your mattress must be turned is to learn the handles about the longest sides of the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress care - Memory foam mattresses do not have to be turned however have to be rotated regularly at 180 degrees.

Storage - Should you have to store your mattress there are several instructions you need to follow. Just Beds Online recommends reading the makers instructions for that care of your respective mattress. You should never fold your mattress simply because this will damage the interior structure of the mattress and lower the comfort and support.

Should you need any further information for choosing and taking care of your mattress please contact our bed and mattress shop in Sheffield via phone on 0114 383 0789 or via email on where a bed experts will answer any queries. 

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