Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tourism in Armenia

Armenia with its antique culture, rich history, with its customs and traditions has its own unique place in the tourist market.So, the potential development possibility of tourism in Armenia is pretty great.

Traveling in Armenia somehow means traveling through time over centuries of history, here and there you’ll see various monumnets which bring witnesses to travelers. Armenian rich history is preserved in architectural monuments,ancient castles and defensive fortresses, various household objects, and in written manuscripts. All the tours designed by professional tour companies, are conceived by people who are real guides, historians, writers, and who help us give a glimpse in Armenia’s past. 

All Armenian companies are directed to the idea of developing tourism in Armenia, trying to achieve its own place in the dense diversity of tourist market. Armenians gradually acquire access to larger and larger networks with worldwide companies. Thousands of people from all walks of life come to Armenia each year to observe, experience and enjoy Armenian way of living. 

Alongside with your most desirable intention to travel to Armenia, vener forget aboutthe Power of Responsible Travel. Here we differentiate several types of travel among which the business travel, family travel, solo travel, hiking, biking, winter travel, etc. This way of organizing tours to Armenia gives people opportunity to choose whatever they want all year round. 

One of the most reliable principles Armenian companies use to develop turism in Armenia is using small, local and authentic travel partners, and avoid international chains, trying to find local places for people to stay, and prepare local food for them. This gives the chance to make an ecologically pure and responsible holiday. We try to provide a good income through our interest in country’s heritage, thus enlarging the number of tourists and busitng the progress of tourism in Armenia. 

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